Corporate Learning Management System Requirements

Corporations understand the importance of training their employees. A study was conducted in which over 2500 companies that have learning and development programs took [art in. The results showed that companies with these training and development programs registered higher revenue and higher profit margins per employee compared to businesses that did not have these programs. Statistics forecast that the corporate learning management system market is set to grow to astronomical proportions in the coming years.

Employee training cannot be overemphasized. Learning management platforms have changed the way companies view employee training. These corporate learning management systems come with a variety of features like tracking, reporting progress, gamification and digital certificates among others. The management team can see reports of real-time progress and identify progress instantly unlike the traditional training methods which involve a substantial investment on external training resources.

Most of these learning management systems have a focus on academic applications. Using these systems for corporate training has some challenges. Corporate learning management systems are unique when compared to other types of learning management systems. They can provide the company with a high-level understanding of employee training applications.

Corporate learning management system has some important requirements unique to them. They include the following.

Corporate lmslearning management systems should include great importing and exporting features in multiple industry regular formats. This is important as data in corporate learning management system does not always remain within the system. The data from these systems can be utilized in other software within the company for example ERP software or in other departments like accounting or HR.

Corporations usually have various portals for their staff as part of their daily activities which is joined with single sign-on. Corporate learning management systems should integrate well with single sign-on systems including Active Directory, SAML or LDAP to make access to the company's IT systems easier.

Companies normally have IT infrastructure existing in built-in-house or open source so that they can manage many business processes. The corporate learning management system should work well with these systems using REST or API standards. They should aid in making decisions when required and should allow for workflows automation when needed. To know more about learning management system, check out

Companies utilize popular hosting services, or they have their data center in-house based on their particular hosting needs. Corporate learning management systems should permit efficient use in spite of the hosting infrastructure. It should also have room for future upgrades, for instance, shifting from cloud-based to a data center that is in-house.